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Vehicle Maintenance
is the scheduled inspection, service or replacement of parts as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, based on the age and mileage of your vehicle. These schedules vary according to vehicle and manufacturers. Refer to your owner’s manual or consult our service department.

Oil & Filter Change Service
Recommended at 3000 mile intervals - conventional oil
Recommended at 7500 mile intervals - synthetic oil

*Important maintenance service that prolongs engine life and reduce costly repairs.

Replace oil and oil filter with OEM quality parts and fluid
Lubricate chassis (where available)
Check and adjust tire air pressure
Check fluid levels (fill if needed)
Inspect air filter (replace if needed)
Visually inspect tires, suspension, exhaust system, wipers,
belts, hoses, battery and engine compartment

Transmission Service
Recommended at 30,000 - 35,000 mile intervals

*A vital service which can extend the life of the transmission and reduce large repair bills.

Most transmission failures are caused by overheating and fluid contamination. Similar to oil in your car’s engine, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) suffers from heat, friction and contamination degradation. Once this starts, your transmission’s vital parts begin to clog with sludge and varnish deposits. This process restricts the flow of transmission fluid which can result in serious malfunctions or complete transmission failure.

Our service center uses a flushing process that by replacing the contaminated fluid with fresh fluid, safely removes varnish and sludge deposits and cleans all internal transmission components, torque converter and transmission cooler. Also, wear metals that are grinding away on transmission components are flushed away.

A quality transmission conditioner is added to revitalize transmission seals and O-rings that can stop and /or prevent leaks, as well as to help reduce rough and hard shifting.

Cooling System Service
Recommended at 2 year intervals

Over time, rust, scale and other harmful residues can build up throughout your engine and its cooling system. These residues eventually can cause clogging in the radiator and other areas in the cooling system, which in turn may cause engine overheating or extensive damage.

By periodically flushing your vehicle’s cooling system harmful deposits can be removed, thus restoring cooling system efficiency and extending radiator and cooling system life.

A quality conditioner is added to the cooling system that contains a rust preventative and lubricant to inhibit residues from reforming.

Fuel System Service
Recommended at 1 year intervals

* An important service that provides many lasting benefits.

Many cars today run at a level of efficiency considerably reduced from when they were new. Carbon buildup gradually robs your vehicle of performance and fuel economy and may cause numerous problems such as engine malfunction, high emissions, excessive fuel consumption, and loss of performance, rough idling and hard starts.

Our service center utilizes a carbon cleaning system designed to give a total engine cleaning and decarbonization. This system cleans accumulated carbon deposits in the air intake system, fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. A professional air-intake and fuel system cleaning is recommended to return your engine to peak running condition and provide the following benefits:

Better air flow for smoother idling
Improved fuel economy
Regain lost power
Reduces octane requirements
Elimination of stalling and hesitation
Protection against rust and corrosion

Air Conditioning System Service

*Be prepared when warm weather sets in.

Even in today’s highly advanced A/C systems, refrigerant can leak out through component connections and seals. With smaller capacity A/C systems, a small leak can greatly affect the performance of the air conditioning and on a hot day, may not cool at all.

Our service center uses state of the art A/C equipment to diagnose, repair and recharge A/C systems. In consideration for the environment, we recover and recycle A/C refrigerant and follow strict EPA mandated rules and regulations.

Engine Maintenance (Tune-ups)

With today’s highly advanced engines, there are fewer tune- up parts to replace and these parts last longer than ever before. Replace spark plugs, ignition components, ignition wires, fuel filters, air filters and PCV valves as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Brake Fluid and Power Steering Fluid Exchange

As with oil and transmission fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid, over time, become contaminated and breakdown, thus not providing the protection and service intended. In our repair center, we can flush and refill these components, thereby extending their use life and preventing costly repairs.

Tire, Suspension, and Alignment Services

Properly maintaining tires will prolong their life and provide the needed level of safety. Tire air pressure should be checked and adjusted regularly, paying particular attention to seasonal weather changes.

Tire rotation should be done on a regular and consistent basis. Tire manufacturers recommend rotations every 7500 miles. A good rule of thumb to remember tire rotations is every other oil change. Tires on the drive axles tend to wear out more quickly, rotating tires help to even out the wear for the entire set of tires.

Keeping tires properly balanced increases tire wear and provides safe handling of the vehicle. Computer tire balancing provides an accurate and cost effective method to keep tires rolling smoothly. Check tire balance yearly.

Periodic inspection of a vehicle’s suspension system will help to ensure safe handling and steering capabilities. Shocks, struts and other steering components should be checked anytime a vehicle is in for service.

Vehicle wheel alignment should be checked at least once a year. More frequently if driving under severe road conditions, such as potholes, road construction or dirt roads. Proper wheel alignment will help increase the life of the tires and help avoid unsafe driving conditions.

NC State Emission & Safety Inspections

*Required by state law at least once a year

Our service center has at its disposal two state certified inspection machines. Inspections are preformed on a first- come, first-serve basis and can be completed while you wait. If inspection repairs are needed we are able to handle them in a timely manner.

DMV - State Emission & Safety Inspections

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